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In early 1969, Professor Louis F. Hollender of Strasbourg, France and Professors Giuseppe Grassi and G. Benedetti-Valentini of Rome, Italy initiated discussions on how to gather together gastrointestinal surgeons of world renown and create an organization through which digestive surgical issues could be debated in a specialized and yet open forum.


On September 29, 1969, the trio founded the Collegium Internationale Chirurgiae Digestivae (CICD) as an offshoot to the Société Internationale de Chirurgie. The founding aims of the new college were clearly defined: to present current information to the medical world concerning advances in gastrointestinal surgery, to permit the free exchange of new knowledge, to allow comparison of experiences, to stimulate clinical studies and to seek improved diagnostic and therapeutic measures. It was agreed that there would be no political, racial, ideological or religious discrimination. The only criteria for membership would be surgical merit and proven. The Society currently has 1205 members representing twenty three countries.


Professor J.L. Lortat-Jacob of Paris was the CICD 's first President and the first International Congress was held in 1971 in San Remo, Italy with more than 800 gastrointestinal surgeons from 27 different countries attending.

During the 1998 Congress held in Madrid, Spain, the General Assembly voted to change the name of the organization to the International Society for Digestive Surgery to reflect the global recognition of digestive surgery in the twenty-first century.


To prevent any overlap with the meeting of the Société Internationale de Chirurgie, it was decided to hold the second Congress after only one year with subsequent international World Congresses to be held every other year in the even years. The 1972 International CICD Congress was held in Strasbourg. Then followed the Chicago Congress (1974), the Davos Congress (1976) and the Sao Paulo Congress (1978). All these meetings recorded an increasing number of participants. In Lisbon in 1980 about 1300 members and guests gathered, followed by the 1982 Congress in Tokyo, and the 1984 Amsterdam Congress which 1900 participants attended. CICD International World Congresses were then held in Jerusalem (1986), Copenhagen (1988), Delhi (1990), Athens (1992), Los Angeles (1994), Seoul (1996), Madrid (1998), Hamburg (2000), Hong Kong (2002), and Yokohama (2004). The 2006 Congress has been held in Rome, Italy with over 700 attendees. 

The first ISDS Congress within the World Congress of Surgery (formerly International Surgical Week) was in Adelaide, Australia on September 2009. After that ISDS had a significant presence in the following World Congresses: Yokohama, Japan (August 2011), Helsinki, Finland (August 2013), Bangkok, Thailand (August 2015) and Basel, Switzerland (August 2017).  The next one will take place in Krakow, Poland, within the 48th World Congress of Surgery on August 11-15, 2019.

The ISDS official journal is the World Journal of Surgery, under the leadership of Editor in Chief Prof Julie Ann Sosa.

Our organization is rum by an Executive Committee which consists of the President, President- Elect, Past President, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General Treasurer General, up to eight Councillors, aided by the Board of Consultants, comprised of five Past Presidents and the Program Committee. 

ISDS Constitution 


Please find the ISDS Constitution here!


Executive Committee (2019-2021)

Fichera Alessandro new.jpg


Alessandro Fichera, USA


President Elect

Jamie Murphy, UK

Prof. Hiroyuki Konno

Past President

Hiroyuki Konno, Japan


Secretary General

Lorenzo Ferri, Canada

Herbella Fernando.jpg

Deputy Secretary General

Fernando Herbella, Brazil

Kessler Hermann.jpg

Treasurer General

Hermann Kessler, USA

Hideo Baba Photo.jpg

Vice President

Hideo Baba, Japan


Vice President

Marco Fisichella, USA

Tanabe Photo.jpg

Vice President

Minoru Tanabe, Japan

Montenovo Martin.jpg


Martin Montenovo, USA



James Madura, USA



Tan To Cheung, Hong Kong

Roslani Camilla Photo.jpg


April Roslani, Malaysia

Kono Toru.jpg


Toru Kono, Japan

Wakabayashi Go.jpg


Go Wakabayashi, Japan

Poulakkinen Pauli.jpg


Pauli Puolakkainen, Finland

Schlottmann Francisco.jpg


Francisco Schlottmann, Argentina

Walsh Matthew.jpg


Matthew Walsh, USA



James Park, USA

Law Simon1.jpg


Simon Law, Hong Kong

Patti Marco.jpg


Marco G. Patti, USA

Young-Fadok Tonia.jpg


Tonia Young-Fadok, USA

Soper Nathaniel.jpg


Nathaniel J. Soper, USA

Sosa Julie Ann.jpg

WJS Editor (ex officio)

Julie Ann Sosa, USA

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