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The International Society for Digestive Surgery hosts a monthly webinar series on practical digestive surgery issues, including clinical and basic science topics. These webinars feature prominent speakers and allow participants to gather the latest information on relevant topics.

Saturday at the Movies will be on monthly for a one-hour session.



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Invited moderators and speakers

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Scientific Program


08 May

Minoru Tanabe


Walsh Matthew.jpg

Matthew Walsh


Tanabe Photo.jpg
Wakabayashi Go.jpg

Go Wakabayashi


Cheung Tan To.jpg

Tan To Cheung

Hong Kong SAR

HPB benign

Moderator: Matthew Walsh, USA


How to prevent bile duct injuries
Minoru Tanabe, Japan

Management of bile duct injuries diagnosed during lap chole
Go Wakabayashi, Japan

Immediate or delayed repair of bile duct injuries after lap chole
Tan To Cheung, Hong Kong SAR

The webinar will be available to watch at any time. The release is 08 May, 9 am CET.

10 April

Volha Raznitsyna Belarus

Schlottmann Francisco.jpg

Francisco Schlottmann Argentina

Raznitsyna Volga.jpg
Patti Marco.jpg

Marco G. Patti


Herbella Fernando.jpg

Fernando A. Herbella


Esophageal motility disorders (achalasia and other named disorders)

Moderators: Francisco Schlottmann, Argentina
                       Volha Raznitsyna, Belarus

Diagnostic evaluation
Francisco Schlottmann, Argentina

Treatment of achalasia: POEM vs laparoscopic myotomy
Marco G. Patti, USA

Chicago classification 4 and other motility disorders
Fernando A. Herbella, Brazil

The webinar will be available to watch at any time. The release is 10 April, 9 am CET.

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