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The International Society for Digestive Surgery ISDS has been founded in 1969 as the Collegium Internationale Digestivae Chirurgiae (CICD) The founding aims of the new college were clearly defined: to present current information to the medical world concerning advances in gastrointestinal surgery, to permit the free exchange of new knowledge, to allow comparison of experiences, to stimulate clinical studies and to seek improved diagnostic and therapeutic measures. It was agreed that there would be no political, racial, ideological or religious discrimination.

Included in the ISDS Membership is the subscription to World Journal of Surgery WJS (12 issues per year, online) as well as online access to additional surgical Springer journals.


Membership in the society shall be limited to surgeons or professionals in related fields of good professional standing, who have a major interest and an active practice in digestive surgery. Members of ISDS must also become members of the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC of which ISDS is an Integrated Society.

Constitution of ISDS

Why joining the ISDS

The International Society for Digestive Surgery (ISDS) provides its members the opportunity for international networking and sharing of information. The biannual Word Congress of Surgery (WCS) meeting is a unique opportunity to listen to master surgeons from all over the world share their experience and discuss debated topics. The quality of the presentations at the WCS is second to none and it allows residents and fellows to present their work to an audience of world experts.

The society at this time has approximately 300 members and with the relatively small size we welcome involvement in the society committees of junior and enthusiastic members.

Meet us at  next ISW 2021 in

Kuala Lumpur

Lorenzo Ferri, Canada
Secretary General
Fernando Herbella, Brazil
Deputy Secretary General

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